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Father's Day Gift Cards

Father’s Day gift cards are the only proven way I know to please every man. Whether you are searching for the perfect present for your dad, deciding what bonus to give your husband, or using the holiday to get yourself a gadget or gear, Father’s Day gift cards are designed to save you time and money. They give the recipient exactly what he wants.

Types of Father’s Day Gift Cards

There is a Father’s Day gift card to meet all different passions, personalities, and price ranges. Here are some ideas:

Gadget Guy: Gadget Guy loves tinkering with toys and new electronics. He is someone who waited in line for the latest iPad and keeps both a Blackberry and iPhone on him so he can play with all of the different apps. Computers may not be his only interest; additionally, he may enjoy remote controlled planes and helicopters, continuous motion desk toys, and even the latest video games.

Sports Fan: Sports Fan is happiest when he is tossing the ball, sitting in a stadium, or watching a game on TV. He collects sports memorabilia, waits for hours for a chance at autographs, and can give you the stats on any player even if you do not ask. Father’s Day gift cards for a sports fan mean playing, watching, or learning about all aspects of games and their players. Football, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, and rugby are some of the most popular sports.

Rugged Ranger: The Rugged Ranger lives outdoors. He may like biking around the neighborhood, hiking some trails, or just nurturing some plants in the backyard garden. Hats, gloves, clothes, tools, and activity-related gears are all good choices for a Rugged Ranger dad.

Laid Back Dude: A Laid Back Dude just likes chilling with his family and friends. He enjoys classic songs and good tunes from the latest artists. He might be handy with a BBQ grill. He might take the kids out for a game of putt-putt golf or treat his family to nine holes on the local course. Father’s Day gifts that allow him to relax and enjoy the sunshine are the most popular treats.

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When Is Father's Day?

Father's Day in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom occurs on the third Sunday in June.

Father's Day 2011: June 19
Father's Day 2012: June 17
Father's Day 2013: June 16

The Father's Day holiday in Australia and New Zealand is celebrated on the first Sunday in September.

The Men of Father’s Day

Dads come in as many different variations as the children they love. Fathers could be biological fathers, adoptive fathers, stepdads, foster dads, and even dads to be. Don’t forget other special mean in our lives, such as grandfathers, husbands, boyfriends, and even men who are not related but who are like a father to us.

Take advantage of reduced prices on meaningful gifts while supplies last. Father’s Day gift card deals do not last long. Once the holiday is gone, so are they.

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