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Introducing the Free Way to Read Bestsellers Without Going to the Library

Can't afford all the books you would like to read?

Until today you had two choices. You could cough up $22 to get that new bestseller this week, or you could wait a year or more for it to reach the library shelves so you could get it for free. 

Now there's a better way to get books by your favorite authors now, with no money down.

This Kindle holds more than 3,500 books
Read your Wi-fi Kindle at home, at a coffee shop or even
in the bright light of the desert



Get a $150 Kindle + $350 in ebook credits for one low price

The new Kindle gives you access to free books at over 11,000 U.S. libraries. Make your choice, start your download, and be reading a free ebook in under one minute.

Need a book before it hits the library? Use your $350 in Kindle Store credits to buy bestsellers as soon as they are released. The Kindle holds up to 3500 books -- at $9.99 per title you could fill your Kindle and still have some cash leftover to spend in the Kindle Store.

Click here to claim your free Kindle ebook reader, $350 in book credits, and grab today's bestsellers without going to the library.

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